True Disciples…

walking_on_water.jpgJesus said, “Come follow me and I will make you fishers of men”.  Jesus called disciples.  And then he said to those disciples of the earliest church to “go and make disciples”.

 What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the word discipleship?

For most of us the first thing that comes to our mind is something in the context of a class.  We have made discipleship all about teaching.  Discipleship has become an academic endeavor instead of a reproductive process.  Let me ask you, is a disciple someone who knows all about the trade of their teacher or is a disciple an apprentice learning to go and do what the teacher does?

If you are the disciple of a teacher and you know all there is about teaching but you never teach are you a “True Disciple”?

Let me share with you an interesting insight into the choosing of disciples by the rabbis of Jesus time.  When a rabbi was looking for a disciple he would choose the best of the best from the young Jewish boys.  He would look at them and say “come follow me for I think you have what it takes to do what I do – to be like me.”  If a Rabbi didn’t think they could be like them they were not chosen to follow that Rabbi.  Think about who Jesus chose.  They were “ordinary, unschooled” men.  They were not the best of the best.  In that day if you did not make the cut you went into the family business.  The others kept progressing on with hopes of being a disciple of one of the rabbis.

Jesus is walking on the beach and sees Peter working in the family business and says “come follow me”.  One of the greatest honors of the day was to be asked to be a disciple of a great rabbi.  Peter hears what every other disciple of his time heard, “I think you can be like me.”  Why did Peter get out of a boat on a stormy night?  He believed that he could be like his rabbi and do what his rabbi did. 

They were more than just learners.  They were be-comers.  They were “True Disciples”.  When Jesus said “Go and make disciples”  he was not talking about simply educating followers.  When he said “teach them to obey all I have commanded” he was including his command to go and make disciples.

Question: Are you a “True Disciple” or just a well educated follower?

Question: Who is your disciple?  True disciples make disciples who make disciples…

Discipleship is a reproductive process not an academic endeavor.

now, “Go make disciples”.


10 thoughts on “True Disciples…

  1. I agree with the cost being high.

    However, I think we as a church have enabled many who would pay a high price to be satisfied with a low cost appearance of discipleship and then when we present the real cost they have become so comfortable that they are no longer willing to pay a higher price for a true experience.

  2. I read Luke. familiar passage. Who then can truly be His disciple? If I understand this to simply be up to us, (a well thought out plan or strategy), I would have to say no one can make the cut. I believe it is Jesus who qualifies us as disciples. If not for the Spirit of Christ in us we are nothing. We can do nothing. All our efforts are in vain. No one comes to the Father except by him. This is not just regarding salvation, but even approaching the Father. Jesus intercedes for us.

    Jesus said he did nothing on his own accord, but only what the Father told him. Some say to be a true disciple requires our faith, obedience, willingness, etc. I know I’m just splitting hairs here, but when Jesus in me obeys the Father and I become a vessel, rather than me trying to “do” something that qualifies me, to me that is a true disciple. The result looks the same. I’m following, doing, obeying…the relationship is different though. When I am truly surrendered no longer do I need to be known as anything.

    Losing my identity is the greatest cost.

  3. Ed,

    Thanks for your comments. This makes me wonder – I agree that it is Jesus who qualifies us and works in us. I wonder then if the “church” is full of true disciples or not. Based on what you say at the end that the “results look the same. I am following, doing, obeying…. If a true disciple is one where Jesus is obeying the Father and I am a vessel (and I agree) then does human disobedience, unfaithfulness, etc. indicate one where Jesus is not residing?

    Does Jesus presence in our life eliminate our free will?

  4. Two great questions Darrell.

    “does human disobedience, unfaithfulness, etc. indicate one where Jesus is not residing?”

    This question really can become a setup for the debate we’ve been having sinse you and I met, but I don’t go there anymore.

    I think that there is a constant struggle for all disciples, even sanctified, baptized in the spirit, predestined… ones, to be in submission, (free will) to God and to “be” a disciple, (indwelled by the Spirit). If this is true we as believers can cope with the reality that we are eternal beings living in a temporal world. Paul understood this when he said to fix you minds on what is unseen and eternal, rather than what is seen and temporal. He didn’t imply that one was true, (eternal) and one was not, (temporal). In fact they both exist and are true. In the life of a true disciple one, (chosen by God) is just as true as one, (our humanity) is true. They co-exist. What cannot co-exist is the Spirit of Christ indwelling the “unforgiven” human. Once one is truly set free from the law of sin and death, he/she is a new creation. The old has “passed away,” (eternally forgiven) all things are “becoming new. (temporal, progressive sanctification). Now I understand that I am not refering to the original language for this passage, just taking it at face value from the NIV so it may be a miss, but I think I understand the concept in this way.

    With that said, “Does Jesus presence in our life eliminate our free will?”

    All of us who truly know and are known by Him already know the answer to this question. Absolutelly not!

    If one thinks otherwise they still seem to have a need to be someone for God. As I said in my last post…”When I am truly surrendered no longer do I need to be known as anything.”

    Thanks again.

  5. Yes. I am a sinner saved by the Grace of our Lord. It is his love torwards me that has saved me. He died on the cross and shed his blood for ME and has now given me all I need to have eternal life. I have Him. He is all I need. He is all I need to do the will of the Father. He is all I need to pray and reach the Throne of Grace. If I have a relationship with him then I have a relationship with the Father: for he and the Father are one. He is He, the Great I AM.
    The Father says:”It is my Son that will be glorified. In that day you will seek Me and see the Son.” Indeed, I shall see Him face to face. In that day, . . If it were not so then the Father would not have told me so.:
    ‘The sky will be rolled back and the Son of Man will appear on his throne with scepter in hand” Behold the Lamb of God sits at the right hand of the Father!
    Know ye this, that the Lord, He is God. that his mercies extend from generation unto generation: Seek and you shall find, knock and the door will be opened unto you. The Lord is liberal in his gifts and understanding towards those who seek him: There is a river which flows from the Throne of God, on either side of this river are trees with leaves for the healing of the nations. Give a cup of this water to the least of these my children and you will in no wise lose your reward. Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world.: Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his Righteousness: thou shalt be saved: Where is this Kingdom: behold the Kindom of Heaven is within you: I tell you a mystery: Christ in you:
    the HOPE OF THE WORLD. Beleive thou this: that u shall become the Light of the World? Think not that I blaspheme: as Christ says: why do you marvel at what I do: for the day will come when you shall see greater things than these things that what you have seen me do. Christ in you, the Hope of the World. Yes, U shall be saved, not only you but your whole household. In my Father’s house are many mansions, if it were not so I would have told you. He who does the will of the Father, He shall have eternal life: Chirst in you , the Hope of the World! What do you know about the will of God: only the Son.

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