“Yes Lord, now what’s the question?”

How much of our time is spent arguing with God, debating our decisions, wondering about what we should do.  Wanting all the info before we “make a decision.”  Surrender is not based on the question or call but the relationship.  god is looking for surrendered sons and daughters who come to Him already willing to go before he tells them where, willing to do before he tells them what, willing to say “yes, now what’s the quesion, call, assignment etc!”  God doesn’t give us his will for us to think about, consider, and make a decision – he gives it to us to do.  And in proper relationship our answer is in agreement with his call no matter what it is.  Stop and think about it for a minute.  When we want more information to make a decision on what we already know God is calling us to we are positioning ourselves in an arrogant place thinking we can make a better decision for our lives than the creator of the universe has already laid out for us.

Are you surrendered and willing to accept His call and challenge for your life no matter what?


2 thoughts on ““Yes Lord, now what’s the question?”

  1. Well I procrastinated long enough on this idea, that you started a blog and then used it as one of your posts. I guess I’ll delete this title now from my “started” posts! : )

  2. Kyle,

    I would still love to read your thoughts and ideas. Don’t delete your started post just transfer the information or post it on your site as well. I would love to know what you are thinking.

    Your thoughts are deep and challenging.

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