Time to Scatter – Acts 8:4

cityscape.jpg“Those who scattered preached the word wherever they went.”

  1. Where they ordained to do so?
  2. Did they use a pulpit?
  3. did they wear a tie?
  4. What was their training and education?
  5. How old (spiritually) were they?

A brand new baby church.  Probably under 5 years of age at this time.  The apostles, the trained ones, remained in Jerusalem while the church scattered.  over 5,000 of them throughout Judea and Samaria.

Who preached?  What was their Bible?  What curricullum did they use?

Notice in Acts 8 how the church multiplies when scattered people of God preach the word wherever they go.

How about in the breakrooms at work, the coffee shops on the corner, the schools we attend, the bars and clubs where the world hangs out?  What would happen if we scattered out of our sanctuaries and went throughout our cities to the places where life happens and “preached” the word?

Could it be that we have defined “preaching” with a pulpit, a style, and an audience?  Could it be that preaching isn’t about a location, three points and an illustration, but communicating with people on their level and on their turf a message that could redefine their life?

It is time for the church to scatter throughout our cities and “preach” the word and take the gospel to the people and not be dependent upon the people coming to our “preachers” to get saved?

Are you a “preacher”?


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