dictionary.jpgI have been thinking a lot about definitions lately.  I have become more and more convinced that our definitions are typically manipulated or rarely even considered.  For example I went to the Internet dictionary in process for writing on this topic to look at the definition for the word “definition”.  As I was wading through the many dictionary entries it began to dawn on me that I was looking for a definition that fit my outcome.  The very issue that I am writing about.

The word definition really isn’t that hard to define but like most words can have many different nuances that have come into existence based on the realities in our society.

For many of us we go through life either never really taking into consideration the “true” defenitions or we look at our outcomes and based on those create another nuance to fit our outcome.

Take for example the word “church”.  The original definition of “The called out ones” now has a building attached to it.  It is defined more by a place, time and style, vs. a group of people.  (I will write more on this later).

For now I wanted to introduce this series with the thought provoking idea that just maybe we spend too much time letting our outcomes and behaviors  create our definitions vs. our definitions creating our behaviors and outcomes.  In this series I will be looking at “Truth…Redefined”, “Church…Redefined”, “Jesus…Redefined”, “Holiness…Redefined”, “Worship… “Discipleship… “Relationships… “Prayer… and more.  As we go if there are other topics that you would like to include lets discuss them and we will add them to the list.

Why do you think we tend to allow outcomes to dictate defenitions vs definitions outcomes?


4 thoughts on ““…Redefined”

  1. It’s called sin and our attempt at escaping our guilt.
    Redefine God as that inner you and you have no one else to answer to.

  2. Instead of using the word “sin”, maybe I should say the reason is that our focus is on “self’ or “self will”, which is in conflict with God’s will. So we define things based on our rationale for how we are living at present within our culture.
    We have allowed the ways of the world to influence our way of defining these areas of our life. To get back on track we must adhere to Romans 12:2

    To go along with Romans 12:2 check out Romans 8:29

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