Thoughts from a friend

jesus-hug.jpgIn a recent conversation with a good friend I was challenged with a new thought.  It went something like this…

How often do we go to God looking for peace?  Or how often do we go to God looking for joy etc?  Would we be better off going to God looking for Christ.  If we have Jesus we have peace.  If we have Jesus we have joy.  If we have Jesus we have all we need.  “Too often”, he said, “we go to Christ looking for his attributes instead of looking for him.”   We want what he has to offer but we don’t necessarily want a relationship with him.  He doesn’t just have the attributes of peace, love, kindness, joy – he is peace, love, kindness, joy, etc.  When we have him then we can have peace even when all around us is not peaceful.  When we are consumed by Him we can have love even when all around us are unlovable.

Are you looking for Him or something from him?

What is it about us that causes us to look for something from him vs. looking for a deeper relationship with him?


2 thoughts on “Thoughts from a friend

  1. Okay I guess I can reply to this.

    I’m not going to answer the questions, because I’d rather share my daily experience in this.

    When I pray I ask God to step in and help me with my current earthly issues, yet at the same time I’m communicating with him in the eternal. When I ask him to change my earthly situation, I’m finding sollace in his eternal presense. When I need him to understand my earthly dilemna, I know that he is eternally in full control.

    I feel as if I’ve learned so well how to be a “Christian” in this earthly reality of mine that I’m having to learn how to be human all over again while I commune with an eternal God.

    I am learning that to be eternal,(spirit) and earthly,(flesh) at the same time is how God designed us. Why is that so hard for us to accept?

  2. Hi, Darryl. I was visiting your dad and mom last night and they showed me your website. I’ve totally enjoyed reading your comments this morning and the perspective Ed brings to the conversation. God’s blessing and love to both of you. Love, Bev.

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