I’m not trained – why not?

Why is it in the church world we hear so much about not knowing what to say and not being “trained” and therefore we are uncomfortable to share our faith or answer their questions etc.  I wonder how often this was heard in the early chuch?  I wonder if there were conversations about not knowing the Bible well enough?   Could it be that we may never know “enough” to feel “comfortable” and therefore that is why we will always abdicate our personal responsibility to a “trained professional pastor” who is paid to do that sort of thing?  This is also why I find it interesting that one of the most common reasons I hear for people switching churches is “I just wasn’t being fed” or “the teaching just wasn’t deep enough and I am past that introductory learning.”  “I want some meat and potatoes and I get that here where I am now.”  my answer is great so now that you have moved beyond introductory stuff you are ready to teach….  “Well, (stutter, stutter, stutter,) I just really don’t know scripture well enough”.  Or my favorite… “that’s not my gift.”   Doesn’t the Bible tell us in Hebrews 5:12 that at some point we should be at a level where we should be able to teach?

Should we ever hear this statement come out of the mouth of a person who has been a believer for 10-20 years? 

Why do you think we hear this so often in the church world  – even from “mature” believers? 

What was it about baby Christians that caused the church to multiply in the New Testament?


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