Did you hear the news?


I sit here Easter morning wondering what is happening this morning at the Garden tomb.  This past summer I had the privilege of sharing communion at the garden tomb just outside Jerusalem. 


After observing the hill of the skull upon which Christ was crucified we made our way down to the EMPTY tomb where it is believed Jesus was buried.  What an amazing experience to observe this place first hand.  As we walked to the tomb with a sense of “knowing” expectation I wondered what it must have been like on that first Easter morning for those who went and found it empty.  They went with an expectation of finding a stone in front of the opening and were blown away by what they found.  We go to the tomb knowing it is empty and I wonder if maybe the amazement has worn off?  If the awe is gone?  If it has become another holiday and another time to go to church and “do the God thing” and then back to reality on Monday?

As I sat in church last night I was in a “grumpy mood” as my 9 year old put it.  I was frustrated with family, frustrated with finances, frustrated with preparing for major life changes.  I was even frustrated with myself for being frustrated.  And in the midst of it all I wonder what difference does Easter make today.  What will be different Monday because of Sunday.  Altar calls will be given, crowds will “go forward”, “salvation prayers” will be prayed, and Monday will look the same for many as it did a week ago. 

I wonder what Monday looked like for Mary and the disciples when they were struck with the reality that the tomb was empty and they had a fresh encounter with the Risen Christ?  I think Monday was different.  You see Friday they experienced the reality of Death, but Sunday brought hope for Monday.  I think there was a new conversation happening at the water cooler.  Instead of the gossip about Suzie it was the truth about Christ.  “Did you hear the news…  The tomb is empty.”  I wonder how many people who “give their lives to Christ” this Easter will say Monday morning… “Did you hear the news, I am not the same person I was last week.  I have committed to follow Christ not the patterns of this world.”

Did you hear the news?  The tomb is empty.  “Oh, that, I have have heard that every year for 43 years.  You know they don’t make chocolate bunnies like they used too…..”

How will your Monday be different because of Easter?

Has Easter and the empty tomb become common place for you?


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