Atheist life vs. Christian life?

Time to think and not just with the pat Christian answers?  What really is the benefit of Christianity over atheism?  One of the things that frustrates most “non believers” is when the “church” doesn’t really answer their questions.  “You just have to have faith” or “Because that is what the bible says” (even though many don’t know where it says it).  When challenged do you run to “avoidance answers” or do you have well thought out confidence in what you believe and its value to life today?

Here is an atheist’s challenge.  (video below)

If you were to make a Christian video in response to his or one that would challenge the world to think about the Christain life what would you say?

I would love to read your thoughts.  Click the word comments below and let me know what YOU believe.

If you are an Athiest, agnostic, etc reading this …. What questions would you like to ask Christians?


8 thoughts on “Atheist life vs. Christian life?

  1. The idea of the video is that people that believe in a God are somehow less rational, less willing to forgive, less able to love, less able to think for themselves. But much of that is based on common misconceptions of people who believe in a god. Speaking for the christian church, I can say that God IS love and we should embody that. We should always be looking for ways to make the world better by reaching the marginalized, loving those of different lifestyles, enjoying the world around us and giving back to it.

  2. Of course it is. We’ve all lied at one time or another and will lie again. There’s a difference between lying, being a liar and being an honest person who has lied. Exagerating is a form of lying. Withholding information is a form of lying. Not saying it’s okay, just stating the truth so don’t try denying it or you’ll be lying 😉

    I didn’t respond to the atheist video, because outside of the underlying tone that this guy doesn’t really like Christians much and thinks we’re naive and stupid, he actually describes a morally okay life, with the exception of the kinky sex and I assumened he meant pre-mariatal. It made me think of how unbelievers view us and why? Have we been so arrogant that this is how they see us?

    To answer the question you asked. My video would probably be very similar, but I would see God as the sourse of all the good that we do and really wouldn’t try to make a case for God. I think Jesus is wanting us to let Him be who He is instead of us trying to make him look good all the time.

  3. I think that there are some cases when it is ok to lie. In fact, I agree with the video, that there might even be times where the morally correct thing to do is to tell a lie, i.e. telling the SS that you are not harboring jews.

    Here’s one that is a little more gray: When the wife asks if she looks good in a dress. In this case, I always try to tell the truth, but with kindness. In other words, 99% of the time, I can honestly say that “yes, you look wonderful”. But, in the other 1%, I usually say something like “Honey, you are beautiful, but I don’t really care for that particular dress.” And, once in a blue moon, I have to throw out “Are you really planning to wear that outside the house?” OK, just kidding to that last part.

    OK, here’s another scenario that I have thought about many times since I have had kids. This time it deals with stealing instead of lying.

    Your kid gets terminally sick. The doc finds a miracle drug, but you can’t even come close to affording it. Your kid is going to die without it and you know for a fact s/he will be completely cured if taken. You know the drug is stored safely behind the counter at your local drug store. Are you morally obligated to save your kid or to not steal?

  4. That’s kinda like that Denzel Washington ,ovie I think. Never saw the movie.

    Here’s how I feel about this one. First of all I would never want to get into the habit of doing whatever I want just because I know God willl forgive me. I would steal in this situation only after all other options were gone.

    These kind of senerios are fun to play around with, but I tend to base my behaviour on my relationship with Jesus, rather than on obeying the rules. The reason is is that I believe that if we make are choices based on our knowledge of good and evil, whether right or wrong, they lead to death. I would rather be rooted in the Tree of Life.

  5. I can try.

    There were two trees in the garden. The tree of the knowledge of good and evil and the tree of life. I believe the tree of life represents Jesus. As we know, according to the scripture the tree of the knowledge of good and evil leads to death.

    Here’s the deceptive part that I think the enemy uses well. He convinced Eve and Adam to eat of it assuring them they wouldn’t die, but be like God, knowing good from evil. Once they ate their eyes were open and they then “knew” right from wrong. At that point there was no more chillin’ in the garden with God, but only hard work and an understanding that there was now a change in their relatonshipp with God. God was still there to help them. He provided clothes, children…etc, but they now were reaping the concequence of their actions.

    As I look back on my Christian experiences over the last 18 years and the MO of the church even today I see a pattern. Much, if not most of what we do, is rooted in the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Example…Bible says do not steal! As Christians we choose not to steal, why? because the Bible says not to (knowledge). Fruit of this obedience? Death! This doesn’t mean it’s horible or a bad idea it just means that it’s obedience to a law, rather than the natural outflow of the life of Christ in us, through us, as us.

    Same senario… We are living our daily grind. Temptation to steal arises, but you are understanding that you are a vessel, clay, dead to self…etc. So now Christ is living His life as the one who never does anything on his owm accord, but only what the Father tells him. Will he steal or will he choose not to? What do you think? Everthing Jesus does leads to life, because he is life.

    We need to re-think why we do what we do and what it means to be eternal and temporal at the same time. I personally think that in my flesh there will be times when I fail. Just because obedience is a chioce doesn’t mean that I am to master perfection in my flesh. I can’t! Perfection has already come in Christ and he lives in me. Therefore, in my spiritual state, the union I have with the Father, I am already perfect, because Jesus in me has brought me in to perfect union with the Father. Christ in me, the hope of glory. Not my obedience, the hope of glory.

    Eternally, in God’s economy, things just are. It is finished. From beginning to the end. In my flesh I am to be dead to self so that Christ can live and be known on earth. The Son was God in the flesh so that the world would know the Father. They came to know God, yet killed the Son so Jesus wasn’t interested in having recognition. We are Jesus to this world so that the world will know Jesus. When we realize this we will stop trying to “do” what’s right and just simply let Jesus live. He always does the right thing.

    I know this brings up the question of our obedience and free will so I’ll say this. My only obedience should be to spend my time being less, so that he will become more. If it’s really all about Jesus than we would worship him even if He offered us nothing in return. No pride or titles in that lifestyle. No pats on the back. No anything for me, but isn’t that the point?

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