Following the prescription

rx.jpgA man goes to the doctor with a disease and in pain asks the doctor to “fix it”, “make it all better”.  The doctor examines him and says, “I have found your problem.”  “Well, can you fix it doc?”.  “Yes”, the doctor answers, “take these pills three times a day and drink lots of water.”  The man leaves with hope and goes home.  A few weeks later the man returns to the doctor in even more pain than before and this time mad at the doctor.  “Doctor”, he says, “I thought you said you could fix it.”  “I feel even worse now than when I was here a few weeks ago.  Nothing has changed and if anything it has gotten worse.  What kind of lousy doctor are you.  I don’t believe in you and your abilities any more.”  Stunned the doctor asks him, “did you follow the prescription”?  “Well, no doc the pills are huge and taste nasty.  I didn’t want pills I wanted you to just fix it.”

I wonder how many are going to a loving God who has given us the prescription for an abundant life but are ticked off at God because he didn’t do it the way we wanted him to?

This came out of a conversation with a friend who was getting upset that God was not “fixing” his marriage.  “Doesn’t the bible say God hates divorce?  And if God hates divorce and I have been praying and praying for God to fix my marriage why doesn’t he.”  Could it be that he has given you the prescription but your not following it?  You see you just want God to “fix” everything and you can just keep living and doing all the things that you have been doing that screwed your marriage up in the first place.  Don’t get mad at God.  He gave you the prescription – follow it.

What is it you are asking God to “fix”?

  • Marriage – He has written a prescription
  • Finances – He has written a prescription
  • Addictions – He has written a prescription
  • Anger – He has written a prescription
  • Bitterness – He has written a prescription
  • Forgiveness – He has written a prescription
  • ???????

Are you taking your pills? or do you just want God to fix it while you go on spending, flirting, hating, jealous, resentful etc….


5 thoughts on “Following the prescription

  1. What if you’ve been betrayed by your spouse? What if you lost everything in a disaster including your job? What if you can’t kick your addictions no matter how many years you’ve tried? What if you can justify your anger like Jesus did in the temple? What if your bitter because life sucks so bad you want to commit suicide? What if you can’t fabricate forgiveness just by simply knowing we’re to forgive? You’re gonna need to give me more on this one.

    If he wrote the prescription and all I have to do is follow it, shouldn’t that bring about the desired result? This idea, to me, sounds like it can be followed by anyone. The problem is is that many non-believers have fantastic marriages are good with their finances, have overcome addictions, aren’t angry, bitter and are very forgiving and kind.

    You probably didn’t imply this, but it sounds like we’re the reason our lives aren’t going the right direction. If we just abide, everything will turn out okay. That’s nothing more than a justice system based on worldly principles. Justice is when you get what you deserve. Grace is when you get what you don’t deserve. I’ve asked God to “fix” plenty in the last two years, because I know he hears me and is gracious. The difference is that I accepted “Him” in spite of whether he fixed things, but it didn’t stop me from wanting him to fix my problems. There is no prescription. There’s only us and God. And where does Jesus fit in to this? Isn’t there times when his faith has to take over when we no longer have any?

  2. Yes, the prescription is Jesus and living life with him trusting Him to do what is best in your life. Unfortunately many today are mad at God because he doesn’t just “fix” the problem. The prescription for an “abundant life” is Jesus. He said he came to give us life to its fullest. Unfortunately too many think that means a “happy life” with perfect marriages etc.

    The sad reality in this case is that one can follow the prescription of God and another not and both are effected. If a husband goes to the doctor and doesn’t do what the doctor says and dies the wife is certainly effected by his decision and God doesn’t step in and remove his free will for the wife.

    Another part of the problem is that we want to be able to live however we want and when there are problems created by that we don’t want to take responsibility and live differently – we just want God to fix it.

    The truth is the prescription can be followed by anyone! In many cases the principles of God are universal and “work” with or without his involvement. For example following his “principles” of stewardship and money management bring financial “health” vs. debt and slavery to the dollar and debters. This is true wheter or not you believe in God.

    You are right in the fact that Grace is a gift that I don’t deserve – however, that gift probably won’t be a great marriage if I am choosing to sleep around. I can’t continue to sleep around and ask God to fix my marriage but not change my heart and behaviors.

    The bottom line is that if I do my life with God and his way I can have an abundant life even when my “problems” aren’t fixed.

  3. I think you both have valid points. When all is well, we are thankful and praise God, as well as steadfastly stay in His Word. However, when there’s a problem and your praying desperately to God to fix it, and the results don;t meet your expectations, all of a sudden the Bible gets put down and your faith diminishes. This is the time that we need to be on our knees, staying in prayer and in the Word. All too often when God doesn’t “fix” the problem to our satisfaction we put him down a notch or two on our list.
    I at one time in my life made several suicide attempts because my life circumstances overwhelmed me. The doctors are amazed I survived them. That’s when I “slowly” started to realize that just because God didn’t snap his fingers and make life wonderful, he also didn’t forsake me, and he forgave me. My circumstances may still linger, however Christ is always at my side or carrying me. Possibly my circumstances weren’t meant too be “fixed”, maybe they are meant for me to use in a ministry way. That’s what I feel God wants me to do, for I’ve had no intention to commit suicide or give up my belief in God. He’s also given me the opportunity to use my circumstances too minister to others. I try earnestly too remember to thank Him for the good and the bad.

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