“Is Truth Relative?”


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Is Truth Relative?

Many say truth is relative.  What do you think?


6 thoughts on ““Is Truth Relative?”

  1. The truth is, relatively speaking, that truth is not relative. Unless you disagree, in which case, you are wrong…or right, depending on how you look at it.

  2. Jay,

    You crack me up man! So are you talking about “the way, The TRUTH, and the Life?” Or are you talking about some “relative” of yours?

    Think of this questions with two words in mind “truth” and “beliefs”. Our world often says, “truth is relative”. By its very nature truth cannot be relative. What can be relative and what causes disagreements in what is actually “truth” is “beliefs”. Beliefs are relative. What you believe to be truth is relative. And what I believe to be truth is relative. But truth remains truth no matter who approaches it. The reality is many people can “believe” they have the truth and all be wrong. The truth remains true.

    You can “believe” the world is flat. I can “believe” the world is a square. And somebody else based on their relative circumstances can “believe” the world is shaped like a triangle. The TRUTH is the world is round. We all had our beliefs based on our relative environments and in the end we were all wrong.

    So what is the point?

  3. I guess the point is that believing in something doesn’t necessarily make it true. Conversely, not believing in something doesn’t necessarily rule it out as truth. Finding the truth is a journey and acknowledging the gaps where you don’t know the truth is an important part of that journey.

  4. So how do you hold on to something you believe to be true and lovingly minister to someone who believes differently than you?

    I think to often our need to be “right” has hindered our ability to minister to others and has stood in our way of loving like Christ.

  5. That is a really good point. Who we reach out to and who we show love to should not be dictated by anyone’s belief system. Jesus is love and Jesus is truth. Show love to everyone even if their beliefs don’t align with yours.

  6. That was fun!

    It all reminded me of a psychology class that I took where we were learning about perception. According to our text, every idea that comes into my brain is colored by my own personal experiences. Therefore, I sometime believe things that are irrational and/or untrue- and no matter how much you try to change my mind- no matter what the facts or evidence show- I will believe what my own experiences tell me, unless I open the doors to consider other possibilities.

    As my mother has aged and suffered severe health problems, she often causes me to shake my head in disbelief at her ideas. It helps me to remember that her perceptions are TRUTH to her. She isn’t trying to convince me of something that she knows to be untrue- she believes it. Maybe that is where the “relative” comes in.

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