A Chip And A Sip

Recieving Communion #2What did you eat yesterday? I had a scone and coffee for breakfast, 2 enchiladas, rice and beans for lunch, and hamburger helper and corn for dinner. I tend to eat well every day. I didn’t say healthy but enough to sustain life. I couldn’t survive on a “chip and a sip”.

I have been thinking a lot lately about my spiritual nourishment.  In our Organic Church we share a meal together each week much like they did in the New Testament times. This meal time is when we share communion. Communion to me has become far more than a “chip and a sip”.  Communion is a meal.  It is when we are reminded again of our dependence upon God for life.  It is when we share that life together with great friends.  It is when we realize that we are “His body” together and His body needs spiritual nourishment.  I have come to the conclusion that I no longer want a “chip and a sip” for communion, not that it is wrong, but because the meal has challenged me at a deeper level in my relationship with God and friends.

Next time you share communion, whether it be with a chip and a sip or a meal with friends be reminded that our spiritual lives are dependent upon a regular intake of Him the “bread of life”.

Just like I can’t live physically on a “chip and a sip”, I can’t live spiritually on a “chip and a sip”.

How is your spiritual health – Are you getting enough to eat?

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