Missionaries to Desert Dwellers

Photo of a moving truck from Penske Truck Rental

I have always said, “Move when things are going well in ministry versus going badly.  This way there is a better chance of moving with right motives.”  

Well, no problem there.  Things couldn’t be going better in ministry.  This Sunday we will be baptizing 5 of our neighbors in our backyard and another one will be baptized as soon as our schedules coordinate.  In the last year we have seen 8 of our immediate neighbors come to Christ and another 4 in our Monday night church.  Twelve new believers this year as the power of God’s presence has shown up in our neighborhood and in the lives of some parents of recovering addicts.

So then if ministry is going so well why move?  Yes, our family will be moving to Phoenix, AZ this March.  We have been asked to launch a network of Organic Churches for the Free Methodist Church starting in the southwest in AZ, NM, and southern NV.  We will maintain our relationship with the Church of the Nazarene through coaching and consulting relationships and partnerships.  We will still be on contract with the Church of the Nazarene for the better part of this coming year working with denominational leadership and districts in the expansion of the current NOCN project.

We have positioned ourselves in our neighborhood with an apostolic mindset of launching out starting new churches and raising up leadership to carry on so that the new works are not dependent on us.  We have been working with that same mindset in the Nazarene Organic Church Network and will now be helping the Free Methodist in the Southwest do likewise.  One of the most exciting parts for me is that my wife will be able to partner with me in this endeavor.  Not that she hasn’t partnered with me to this point but now we will be able to both be full time in this ministry.  She will be able to be a stay at home mom and my personal assistant. Dreams do come true.

We will be making the move to the Phoenix area in March during spring break.

We are looking forward to this new phase of our life as we embark on a new missionary journey to the Desert dwellers of the Southwest.  We will desperately miss the incredible neighbors and friendships that have become family to us here in McKinney.  We love you each and every one.

We would covet your prayers as we embark on this new journey.  Moving is never easy and always adds stress to your life.   Pray as we begin to develop new relationships that God would grant us the same favor in AZ that we have had in our neighborhood here in TX and that God’s presence would go before us and reside with us in our new home and neighborhood and community.

I know that this raises a lot of questions for many of you I have been privileged to work with the past few years.  I would welcome your questions and the ongoing conversation of how we can continue to work together and partner together for the Kingdom of God.  I am sure it also raises many questions for others who will read this that I have not worked directly with but with whom we share parts of our lives. I would also welcome your questions.

I know many are curious about the “ORGANIC CHURCH”… no it is not a fruit cake cult.  For more info on what we have been up to this site will help to explain much of it.  www.organicnazarene.net I will be happy to answer other questions about it and what we will be doing more specifically in AZ.

Looking forward to the journey and the conversation as we go through this time of transition.


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