God is in charge of southwest seat assignments

Divine Encounters

When you board the aircraft there is always a bit of curiosity, excitement and possibly, if truth be told, fear about who you will “have” to sit by or be privileged to sit by.  I am beginning to think that God is choosing my seat assignment and travel buddies.  On my flight from Dallas to Kansas City I was PRIVILEGED to sit by Jerome and his wife Kendra who were on a weekend getaway. After a great in flight conversation about family, church, god, Kilimanjaro, sponsoring children, golf, and shopping we said our goodbyes thinking that would probably be the last time we saw each other.  That was until the next morning.  Waiting for our ride to pick us up from our hotel a man says, “hey are you stalking us”? Of all the hotels in Kansas city they and their family from south Dakota who they were meeting up with could have chosen was the same as ours.  That was when my buddy and partner John Huddle walked up and I introduced him to my new friends. And John said, “way cool, we were neighbors last night. They are staying in the room next to me.” and then unfolded a great conversation about God, divine encounters, Kilimanjaro, sponsoring children, world vision clean water projects and how god has used an airplane encounter to bring great joy into my life, to encourage one another and to spur us on to love and good deeds.

Thank you Lord for another great seat assignment!


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