Kilimanjaro for a hope and a future

In June 2012 I will join 10 other team world vision climbers to embark on a climb that has already changed my life.  Kilimanjaro, the tallest free standing mountain in the world at over 19 thousand feet looms before us.  As I try to get some perspective I look out the window of the airplane I am on as the 10 thousand foot notification sounds. I am overwhelmed by the reality of the task we will face.  It seems insurmountable.

But it is not the actual Kilimanjaro climb or it’s physical training that has changed my life.  It is the purpose for which I am climbing.  It is becoming for me a Jeremiah 29:11 climb.  A climb to give hope and a future.  As Robin, Kelli and I sponsored Petro, an 8 year old boy from Tanzania my life began to change.  I began to see the seemingly insurmountable reality of Petro’s life. As a Hope Child in an aids ravaged area life seems hopeless and overwhelming for children like Petro.

As I mounted the treadmill and began my workout the other day I began to pray for Petro and the 6 other children our organic house church are sponsoring. (one child for each of our children-this too has changed my life and I will write more specifically on this later). As I prayed, God reminded me that he has great plans for Petro and these children, plans for a hope and a future.  And then he changed me.  I could not escape the reality that their hope and future may rest in my hands.  For without the generosity of others their reality is hopeless.  God has plans for them and I believe I am (we are) a part of that plan to bring hope.

What kind of hope could be found if we joined together and sponsored 100 children.  What if 1o climbers climbed with purpose and each found 100 sponsors.  1000 children’s lives forever changed along with the community impact and ripple effect these lives would have.

Will join me in this endeavor and help me find 100 child sponsorers?  Click on the following link and put my name, Darrell MacLearn, in spot where it says “athletes name”.

World vision – Kilimanjaro

“I know the plans I have for you (Petro) declares the lord.  Plans for a hope and a future…”

Dear Petro, I pray that your life will be forever changed as world vision comes alongside you.  That your physical and spiritual needs will be met and that you will discover the love of Christ through the generosity of his people. I pray that you will find hope and discover the great plans God has for you, plans for a hope and a future.

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