Human Trafficking – What can I do?

I am often asked in seminars and conversations about human trafficking – “What can I do?  I want to make a real difference but I am simply one person.  I want to do more than just spread the word and generate awareness.  I want to do something practical that will make a real difference.”

There are many different reasons for human trafficking and many different environments that cause it to flourish.  However, the most prominent and real issue in our world that increases the vulnerability of children to being trafficked is poverty.  Poverty positions children to be vulnerable.  Poverty is exploitable and traffickers are ruthless businessmen and women who will commodity a human being to make more money.  Traffickers put a carrot on a stick for a better life, for a hope and a future.  But whose hope? Whose future?

One boy said, “the nightmare I didn’t know looked better than the nightmare I lived everyday.”

That is a sad statement of the reality of an impoverished life without a genuine hope and a future.

What can I do to make a real difference in human trafficking? I am glad you asked.

Sponsor a child for $35.00 a month and make a real practical difference.  Sponsored children are connected and community vulnerability is decreased and they receive a genuine, authentic, real promise of a hope and a future.

Click here or on the link below and sponsor a child and put my name, Darrell MacLearn, in the spot for “athlete name”.  I have a personal goal of sponsoring 100 children.  10 climbers and I will be going to Tanzania in June to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro with Team World Vision.  What if each climber could find 100 sponsors.  That is 1000 children whose lives would be forever changed.  What if you sponsored one and found one who would sponsor one who would find one…  Folks this is totally doable and could make a real difference way beyond this initial goal.

But I can’t afford it… REALLY???

Click here to sponsor a child (please use this link and pass this link on as it is attached to my goal)

Please forward this blog to others

click here to see a video on human trafficking

For more information on the Kilimanjaro climb, human trafficking, child sponsorship or World vision please don’t hesitate to ask.


2 thoughts on “Human Trafficking – What can I do?

  1. Hi,
    I am involved in prevention of sex trafficking and noticed the picture of the girl in chains in your blog. Would it be OK with for me to use that photo on literature, and maybe a website?

    Good luck on you climb and thank you so very much for your heart and your efforts!

    Richard W.

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