Poverty – a traffickers playground

Yesterday I made the statement, “you can be vulnerable and not be in poverty but you can’t be in poverty and not be vulnerable”.

I am often asked “What can I do in the fight against human trafficking?” I really believe people want to make a difference.  They want to do something? For the past several years I have been focused on the Demand side of human trafficking.  I am still passionate about that and think that it is ultimately the way human trafficking will be obliterated.

However, at the same time that we address the demand we must not neglect the vulnerability that provides open access of traffickers to their “supply”.  The sad reality is that vulnerability is a state of being easily accessible to being exploited.  That may be a mental state of being vulnerable or a physical state of vulnerability.

Again you can be vulnerable and not be in poverty but you can not be in poverty and not be vulnerable.

The demand side of human trafficking is a difficult area for many people to actively pursue involvement.  However, addressing the vulnerability of our children in our world is a much easier and a very tangible way to become an activist.  Traffickers simply look at reality and find what they can exploit.

Poverty – Parents literally so desperate they sell there children for less than $100.00. (CNN Freedom Project)

Lonely – Older boyfriend

Insecurity – Trafficker says, “you’re so pretty” Insecurity responds, “no not really” Traffickers says, “gotcha!”

Disconnected – ….

I think you get the point and could probably keep the list going.

How do you change the vulnerability.

  • Provide opportunity for education opening doors for awareness

(child sponsorship – addresses this issue)

  • Provide resources eliminating dependence upon trafficker to provide them

(child sponsorship – addresses this issue)

  • Provide community for protection

(child sponsorship – addresses this issue)

The reality is that if a child travels 4-10 miles a day hauling water that child doesn’t have time for school.  Providing water in the village opens doors for children to attend school.  Children who attend school are far less vulnerable than children who don’t.  Providing resources for family health, nutrition, employment, etc enables children to be in school instead of out providing for the family.

There are many great organization doing great work in the fight against human trafficking.  “What can I do”?  you ask.
What would the vulnerability look like if we sponsored 1000 children.  There are 10 of us who are climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in June with a goal of doing just that.  Sponsoring 500 – 1000 children.  Will you help us take these kids away from those who would like to exploit their vulnerability.

Sponsor a child – $35.00 a month reduces vulnerability  (Athlete Name: Darrell)

The nice part about child sponsorship is the relationship you get to build with the child you are helping.  It is more than just a monetary ministry.  You get to get involved in this child’s life.  you will receive monthly letters from your child and can send letters, gifts, and love and who knows… someday maybe even go and visit him/her and see first hand the difference you have made in their life and their community.  Thank you for helping to reduce the vulnerability and removing easy access from the trafficker.

Thank you for love and generosity.


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