Divine Encounters – Expect Them

As I boarded the flight I prayed for the person who would “have to” sit by me on this flight.  You see I entered the flight expecting a divine encounter.  Why is it that we are surprised by divine encounters. I love the quote, “where you go the king goes and where the king goes people bow.”  before your head swells, they don’t bow to you.  They have an encounter with the Christ in you and another divine encounter ensues where both parties are blessed and strengthened by the time shared together.

What an Awesome traveling companion God had chosen for me on this flight.  A person who was as much a blessing to me as I hope I was to her.  Who would have guessed I would be privileged to hear the story of a missionary kid who totally understood the value of sponsoring children (which she did shortly after the flight was in the air – thank you Lisa, Elisha’s life will be forever changed).

As we talked about hiking, running, world vision, fresh water, church planting, organic church concepts, spiritual gifts, human trafficking, boarding school, her personal experience with malaria, her job and her journey in life, I realized that this encounter probably wasn’t as much about who would “have to sit by me” but more about who “I would be privileged to sit by.”

It was when she asked me if I had ever asked for a spiritual gift that my life was impacted.  As we discussed the spiritual gifts she took me to James 1:5 and talked about how she had asked God for wisdom and how he answered that prayer in her life and had given her a great gift… The gift of wisdom.  As I pondered this and continue to do so I am reminded of how generous God is and how he desires to freely grant this request.  So again I ask for more.  Maybe I am a little greedy here but I want as much of this gift as I can get.

I am also reminded of how many great opportunities scream past us on our fast paced busy lives.  It is so easy for us to just get on a plane, put on the head phones and tune out the world around us including the divine king who is embodied in the passanger seated in 15E.

Thank you Lisa for what you taught me on this flight.  Hope someday to hear that you are flying planes for his glory bringing a hope and a future to those in need of a divine encounter with the God in you.


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