Comparison – up or down?

Why is it that we always have a tendency to compare up instead of down? Think about it.

This is not a new thought for me but one that has resurfaced recently as I ponder Preto and the other children we sponsor in Tanzania. Living in affluence, in the top few percent of the world financially we still have a tendency to look at those who have more than we do and compare up.

Rarely do I ever hear “God, why can’t I be like those who have nothing. Why are you doing this to me?”

Rarely do I ever hear, “Lord, this isn’t fair, I have too much.”

The more common is, “God, I can’t make ends meet.” “I’m boke.” “Did you see Jim’s new (car, iPad, phone, etc), that would be so nice but I just can’t afford it right now… unless I put it on CREDIT.” Oh the wonderful world of CREDIT. Credit the wonderful gift for those who compare up.

Why is it we CAN’T afford $35 a month to sponsor a child in another country who doesn’t even have clean water? Could it be in part because we have positioned ourselves by living beyond our means? Could it be in part because we think that all our resources are a blessing from God for our hard work so that we can have the best lifestyle possible for us?

Could it be in part because we don’t see their water need but we do see the Starbucks down the road and our NEED for our daily fix?

The majority of us in America blow far more than $35 dollars a month on stuff we don’t need.

I was so blessed the other day when a good friend of mine who I know does not have much by American Standards, made a choice to sponsor a child and find a way. I know God is blessing her as she blesses others.

I am blessed by the 10 year old boy that made a personal choice, that his parents initially tried to talk him out of, to use his allowance to sponsor a child.

I want to challenge you to begin to compare down and allow God’s blessing to be used to bless others. And as soon as you think you can’t afford to sponsor a child to look seriously at your life and how good you have it…

Think about it… If you are reading this online on a computer you have it good. If you are reading this on an iPhone, Ipod, iPad, smart phone, etc you are privileged. I could make the typical list of car, home, clean water, Starbucks etc…. We truly are privileged.

What can you give up so that a child can have…

* clean water
* health care
* education
* less vulnerability to human trafficking
* and more

Will you join me along with others and compare down?

click HERE and sponsor a child or two or three.

When you fill out the form there is a spot for “Athlete” please put my name, Darrell MacLearn, there as this is linked to our Kilimanjaro climb.

Thank you for comparing down.


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