The Most Important Question

There are a great deal of questions regarding church and ministry. Questions about structure, style, leadership, outreach etc.

When Jesus started talking about the church he asked a different question. He asked a question that should be asked again and again today as we discuss the church. It is a foundational question for the church and a critical question for each of us individually.

After Jesus asked those in his inner circle about what others thought about him, he turned to them and asked, “But who do you say that I am?”

I think Jesus is asking us that same question today as we look around and talk about what others think about the Church, Jesus, faith, religion etc.   The reason this is important is because everything about church begins and ends with this single qustion.

In the organic church, even if we get everything else “right” but skip this important question, we are not truly the church.  Church begins with Jesus, who he is and what He has done.

So let me ask you and put each of you on the spot as Jesus did his disciples.




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