How would you vote?

your_vote_counts_400_clr-300x300Occasionally I am smacked between the eyes with a brain twisting reality check question…

There seems to be no shortage of Christian political agendas and opinions on how presidents and parties are “destroying Christian America”.  There are major campaigns and emphasis given to how and why Christians should vote a certain way.

As I was reading the bible a while back and pondering persecution and the spread of the gospel in the world, a nagging question started to surface.

Here are the conditions and the question:

If you Knew that a particular president would make Christianity illegal and usher in severe persecution and with that you Knew that that would cause the spread of the gospel like America has never seen before…

Would you vote for that man to be president

One thought on “How would you vote?

  1. That depends on whether or not you live by “the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.”

    I actually don’t vote. I completely dislike how it’s red vs blue, right vs left, right vs wrong, conservative vs liberal, etc. – these two polar opposites just can’t seem to work together. If they can’t work together, neither one deserve my vote.

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