Who’s YOur Daddy?

dscn2723Who’s Your Daddy? No I am not talking biologically but spiritually? Let’s start with the biological though and see what we learn about our spiritual family and God’s design for his church.

I don’t find too many parents who don’t expect their children to grow up and become parents. It is natural and normal for parent to raise their children with the expectation that one day they will have their own children and those children their own.

This is not any different than Father God’s expectations for his children.

Why is it ok to be a Christian for 30 years and never “Grow up” and leave home and give birth to a new generation of Christian children? who will grow up and leave home.

Do you see a problem with a 30 year old still drinking from a bottle?

Do you see a problem with a 30 year old complaining about not being fed and unable to feed him/herself?

Do you see a problem with a bunch of “grown ups” sitting in their “house” acting like selfish children complaining about the “radio station” dad has playing for the family, or crying and complaining about the way their “house is decorated”, or about not being “fed”.

One of the roles of a parent is to equip a child to become a parent. Isn’t that the role of a disciple. One who can “go and make disciples” who can “go and make disciples”?

One of the roles of a child is to be teachable and learn from the parent and Grow up and apply and implement the lessons taught by the parent and then become a parent and pass on that DNA and those lessons to their children who will hopefully go and do likewise.  Isn’t that the role of a disciple.  To be teachable with the purpose of application not knowledge.

So… Who’s your daddy? and Whose daddy are you?

So… Who’s your mommy? and Whose mommy are you?

Is it time you grow up… get off the bottle… move out… and pass on all that training you have been soaking in for the last ??????? years?

Oh yea “I don’t feel ready or prepared” to be a Spiritual parent… How many parents felt prepared when they went to the hospital to have that first baby? suck it up, walk out the door into that wonderful, uncomfortable, messy, rewarding world of spiritual parenthood.

I can hear some of you saying now, “not everyone becomes a parent”.  “That is not my spiritual gift”.  True, not everyone becomes a parent and maybe that is not your gift.  However, let’s be honest we are way out of balance in the church world and if the biological world operated the way the church world does we would be doomed.

Let’s be honest, that is most often said out of fear and as an excuse!

By the way, who was Jesus talking to when he said, “go and make disciples”?